Wooden Bow Tie "Classico LIGHT 04-Men"

Wooden Bow Tie "Classico LIGHT 04-Men"

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- Arton is double sided! Just turn it around. Let’s show it in all its beauty!

- Do you need something completely unique? Do you need it for a gift, for a wedding, or just because it's real cool?

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Reversible wooden bow tie Classico LIGHT (2 in 1).

-       REVERSIBILITY (2 in 1):

Our wooden bow ties are made from two different types of wood, one lighter and the other darker. A special workmanship allows their simple reversibility, so you can use it to be seen on brighter or on darker wood. This feature contributes to greater flexibility in combining clothes of different colors.

-       STRAIGHT LINES (modern classics):

The wood itself gives a quite classical impression. Therefore, when designing our products, we mostly use clean and sharp lines, what gives to our fashion accessories modern and minimalistic character, but at the same time the wood maintains them classic.


You can very easily change the decorative fabric by yourself. So, if the color of the currently installed fabric doesn't fit to your clothes, you can just select another one that is more appropriate and fits better to the given color combination.

This feature gives to our bow ties even bigger flexibility in combining them with different colors of your clothes. Every additional color of the fabric (if we take into account the reversibility of the bow ties), actually gives you two additional color combinations.

Example (1 + 3 = 6):

ONE reversible bow tie + THREE decorative fabrics = SIX possible color combinations

Arton –  The detail that makes you different…wear it with pride!